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The beginning of a new era

About Bell Cleaning Company

The seed of Bell Cleaning company was planted right after the COVID-19 pandemic struck United States and mainly New York City with all it’s force. New York was losing the most, and there was something that was needed to be done. A lot of cleaning businesses exist in the city, and each have something different than the other, some are good with post construction cleaning, while some are good with disinfecting the place of all germs, whether it be your home or your office.

Bell Cleaning Company created a network of such companies and started to evaluate them based on their work performance. Over intense research for 3 months and looking over many companies, Bell, created an idea to match the needs for the customers with the cleaning experts, and here we are, ready to serve your needs with our best match partners.

Our focus is to make New York City Great Again, Safe Again.

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Welcome to Bell Cleaning Company

What makes us special

With Covid19 pandemic spread, cities have been quite while people focus on reopening their businesses and going out, keeping their space clean has become the goal for all. At Bell, we care about not spreading the disease more and making sure we have a better, brighter and cleaner future for all!

Custom Tailored Experience

Bell Cleaning Company is a customer priority service provider, providing the service to you, based on your needs, not what the cleaning company is offering!

Affordable Pricing

We are not looking to ruin your Wallet. At Bell Cleaning Company, we reduce the cost of cleaning by reducing the cost of marketing, thus costing you less than the market.!

Certified Partners

At Bell Cleaning Company, our partners are not only well certified but undergo a strict evaluation process specially designed based on the need of our customers’ feedback.

Open 24/7

We do understand the need of the hour! Commercial cleaning needs to be performed based on your non working hours, so we are available 24/7 to help you.