All About Office Intensive Cleaning

All About Office Intensive Cleaning

The importance of cleaning has increased with the arrival of covid-19 in the world. Cleaning the surfaces and surroundings has become a priority. After all, you can easily get infected and sick if you touch the surfaces where germs are present. Since the world is opening day by day, offices are no exception to it. But one has to be careful while going to the office. You have to follow all the precautions and rules while doing so. Along with that office cleaning is equally important. A clean office will motivate the employees to come to work and they will be excited about it. How to do extensive office cleaning let us have a look.

Hire professional cleaners

As you know, the office is a large area, therefore cleaning it will be a task. Though regular cleaners are good as they know the place. But even they can miss a spot. Looking at today’s scenario, nobody can afford to miss any spots. Therefore hiring professional cleaners will be a wise choice. They have supreme attention to detail. And with their superior disinfectant and equipment, it will be an easy and efficient task for them. Moreover, post-lockdown, the employer needs to make the employees feel safe and are valued. The employees will feel this through intensive cleaning of the office


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If not a professional then these are steps you need to follow. There are different procedures for an intensive office cleaning. If you follow all these procedures, you will have a clean and healthy office.

Prepping the Office Area –

The first step is to gather all of the necessary cleaning chemicals, equipment, and accessories for the job. Have “closed for cleaning” signs for the extensive cleaning. Also, you will need to cordon off the area with the correct caution/wet floor signs. There are various cleaning procedures like daily, weekly, semi-annually, and annually.

Daily Cleaning Procedures –

For daily cleaning, there are various things you have to look into. Firstly, check the area for any types of debris or paper. Pick them up and dispose of them properly if you found some. Secondly, for dirt that cannot be removed by hand, use a vacuum cleaner. A backpack vacuum is a great way to clean up the area around the office cubicles. Lastly, if there are carpet or upholstery stains, start by identifying the type of stain. Once the stain is identified then it is easy to clean them. Wiping these stains is one of the steps to clean these. Also, wiping is for spots and stains on carpets, floors, walls, furniture, or baseboards. You can also use a portable spotter machine to remove the stains and chemicals.

Weekly Cleaning Procedures

The steps for weekly cleaning are different from the daily cleaning procedure. The first step is dusting. After all, if you are cleaning weekly, you will have the dirt on the surface. The areas to dust are the desks, cabinets, shelves, and cubicle walls. Clean out the trash. Also, replace the garbage bags. For proper storage of trash, use the high-density 10-15 gallon trash bags.

Also, do not forget the trash can. Clean them out as well. The second is the disinfectant spray. Use the disinfectant spray for wiping desks, calculators, telephones, and computer keyboards. For wiping, use a microfiber cloth or a disinfectant wipe otherwise you can damage the surface. Also, dust out the heating vents, door jambs, and window sills. For the hard surface floor or tiled floor, use the dust mop method. After this, wet mop and clean the surfaces. For carpeted floors, a vacuum is an answer.

Monthly Cleaning Procedures –

For monthly cleaning, there are some additional steps to the above-mentioned steps. Wall-mounted units like paper towel dispensers and hand dryers are cleaned with a disinfectant spray or wipe. While cleaning the restroom, pay special attention to all fixtures and items. An all-purpose cleaner is a piece of equipment for wiping vertical surfaces. For hard surface floors use the spray buff. The speed of the buffer will be low while cleaning. The next step is polishing the tables, chairs, desks, and other wood objects. For polishing use the furniture polish for professional shine. For windows use the glass cleaner. The glass cleaner will remove all the marks and fingerprints.

Semi-Annual Cleaning Procedures

When you are cleaning the place semi-annually, the procedure is bound to change. The first step is to strip and recoat the tiled floors. This method is for removing the scuff marks on the surface. Also, the finish will be fine. After removing the tiles, use the floor finish for shine on the floor. This step is for the durability of the surface. Use the spray buff and varnish to make the finish pop. For carpets, mats, runners, and upholstery use the extraction method. Scrubbing is another way for any heavily soiled areas or traffic pattern areas.


After cleaning the office, do not forget to clean the cleaning supplies. These are the mop buckets and other cleaning gear. Also, Rinse out all mops and hang them to dry. Also do not forget to remove all carpet dryers and caution/wet floor signs once the areas are dry. Since your office is now clean, it is safe to work. The employees will find a positive environment to work in.

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