Planning To Decontaminate Your Restaurant? We Will Help You

Planning To Decontaminate Your Restaurant? We Will Help You

Decontamination and sanitation are a priority for restaurant owners. If your restaurant is not kept clean at all times, you run the risk of violating your next health check, which can lead to penalties and closures. In addition, an unclean restaurant is ripe for food-borne diseases. As a restaurant owner, it is your responsibility to keep your space clean. And it is not that hard. In addition to ongoing daily cleaning, you will need professional-grade decontamination. Working with a professional company that provides disinfection and decontamination will make all the difference to your business. Also, it ensures better security for your employees and customers.

  1. Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important areas to keep cleanliness in restaurants. The area is prone to various potential contaminants. Cooks, servers, bashers, and cashiers also have access to the kitchen and can potentially contaminate food products. Uncooked food can also be harmful to health if surfaces are not decontaminated adequately. Whenever you are dealing with food, you need to know what is contacting you. Thus, it requires us to be careful at all times. 

Some surfaces that should be disinfected in your kitchen regularly: Food-contact surfaces such as counters and sinks, utensils, and handles on coolers, freezers, dishes, and pans.

  1. Pavement

Edible oils, dirt, gum, and other air-polluted contaminants soil restaurant pavements faster than most other businesses. At least, there should be a mat at each entrance. Moreover, you should also keep the sidewalks clean regularly, otherwise, foot traffic inside and outside your restaurant will increase the problem. Do not forget that even dirty, greasy concrete can look horrible and have an unpleasant odor that you are familiar with in a restaurant.

  1. Dumpster Pad Area

Not only does a dirty dumpster pad look bad, but it also stinks. Although these areas are usually closed, customers can still drive or walk on them and if you smell bad anywhere, it is bad for business. Not to mention, these areas are full of bacteria that employees come in contact with every day. It has been neglected by many and should not be so.

  1. Restrooms

This is one of the areas where most customers walk in before actually ordering and can immediately turn them off to try out a meal at the restaurant. If this area is unclean, you can almost guarantee that your potential customer will probably tell others not to come except without pure convenience. Toilets, floors, and sinks should be decontaminated regularly and soap, toilet paper, and towels stored well.

  1. Dining Areas

This is obvious, but if the floor is overflowing with dirt, dirty tabletop, messy condiment or beverage area, and/or trash cans there are definitely turnoffs for business. We all ate somewhere out of convenience and we knew we should not eat, but after that experience, what was one thing on our mind? 

Restaurant staff can thoroughly clean dining areas by thoroughly cleaning exposed surface areas like bar tops, tabletops, and chairs.

Keeping public spaces clean means leaving these areas to professionals who can decontaminate them to levels you can not achieve on your own. Professionals can disinfect the bacteria by disinfecting it, which at the same time neutralizes the odor. We all want to save a penny.  However, keeping these areas professionally clean is a cost that helps running the business without loss. 


In case you have a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patient in a location, you should completely decontaminate your restaurant. The coronavirus quarantine presents unique challenges for restaurants, but they still have the potential to do business. Keeping your employees and customers safe has become a number one priority. Cafes or restaurants always have corners where debris and dust can be hidden, increasing the risk of pollution. Professional restaurant cleaning services, like us, know how to spot these problems and ensure that every part of your premises is clean. Let us lend you a hand. 

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