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Join Hands to save your cleaning costs

Bell Cleaning Company customers can save money on cleaning and keeping NEW YORK CITY Safer

Wuhan city is back to their normal life in China. The reason it was because of the business owners there decided to take things into their own hands by making sure every business in their neighborhood was sanitized.

Its Time New York did the same. New York is not only at its knees due to the coronavirus, but also all the people of New York need to take a stand for making New York safer for people.

Thus, the referral program, offering 5% commissions for any payments on referral program. All you need to do is refer a customer to us via email or phone or contact form.

One needs to be an existing customer to avail this benefit. The commission earned will be used in your next cleaning service as a discount thus saving you a lot of money over time and helping you keep CORONAVIRUS AWAY.

For any other information please give us a call at 877-991-BELL and our executives will help you with all your queries and concerns.