Things to do to stay clean and avoid infection – COVID19

Things to do to stay clean and avoid infection – COVID19

The Pandemic Is Here!

As we all know, the corona virus pandemic has affected the whole world since it started spreading its wings from December 31, 2019. A major population of the world is already infected with this virus. So, this is the time to act wisely and take appropriate precautions to be safe because we know that none of the countries have been perfectly successful in finding a cure so far. The only option left here is taking precautions by ourselves and stay safe to avoid infections.

We, at Bell Cleaning Company, pray that you stay safe. We have come up with some steps for you to follow and some precautions to take to stay safe and avoid getting infected. Let us read:

Proper Social Distancing Etiquette

A woman wearing mask and maintaining distance while on footpath.

Whenever somebody sneezes or coughs, the air sprayed out from their mouth or nose  ,   may contain germs, and inhaling them could be dangerous for you, especially if the person is infected with COVID-19. Such germs can be avoided by maintaining 1-meter (3 feet) distance from the people around you.

Clean Your Place

You must clean the high-touched surfaces of your house frequently like the door handles, tabletops, etc. because they are the most infection-prone areas. Whenever somebody comes in the house, these surfaces are the most frequently touched. There is a risk of spreading infection through these. Clean them frequently.

Avoid The Crowd

Warning sign asking to maintain social distance

Being in a crowd,  you never know which person around you is infected or sick. So, it is better to avoid going to crowded places. Another reason for this is it is quite difficult to maintain a 1 meter (3 feet) distance in crowded places.

Do Not Forget The Mask

A women wearing a mask as a precaution.

Mark your mask as the essential part of your clothing in case you’re going out. The mask prohibits the transfer of germs from coughing, sneezing, inhaling, or exhaling. It can save you from catching infections and can also save others from the germs you exhale. You can also add-on gloves if you are going somewhere where you think you may catch infections through the contact of hands. This is equally risky because spots like railings, elevator buttons, etc. have deposited microorganisms which can directly transfer from a mere touch.


Washing Hands and Sanitizing

A man cleaning his hands


Whenever you return home, or reach your office, remember to wash your hands or sanitize them.

This kills all the germs present on the surface of your hands which you may have gathered during the commute, prohibiting the further spread of infections and making you safe. Be cautious you must avoid touching your face, eyes, and nose.

These are the entry points of germs that carry them inside your body through the respiratory tract or the food path. Once entered, you never know how severely they would infect you.


Wash What You Shop

A person sanitizing television remote

We have always been taught to wash fruits and vegetables before we use them. But, nowadays, this is not a mere instruction, but a necessity to be followed. Whatever you are buying these days, wash them in hot water immediately, or put them at a separate place for hours to deactivate the effect of the virus. Following this simple tip can save you and your family. The products you buy come in contact with many hands before you purchase them.

To nullify the effect of all the people who came in contact with it earlier, wash eatables properly, and packaging too. Maintain good food hygiene.

Avoid Traveling

When the virus started spreading, the first action taken to combat it, was lockdown. Why? It is because the virus spreads through direct and indirect contact. To avoid the quick spreading infection, you should avoid traveling. The alternative of going out, work from home is the best way to fight against the virus. One should avoid traveling and going out for any work. Order groceries online or buy for a month in bulk. This point is not only about public transportation, but also about private vehicles. If you are taking your own vehicles on the road, you are still not safe from the risk. Due to the massive spread of the virus, the air around you can be infected.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

A person sanitizing a surfaceRegular cleaning of your home and workplace is very essential. Quality cleaning and disinfecting are what you should ensure to stay safe and make a safer environment for your employees as well.

You can hire a professional cleaning service provider like the Bell Cleaning Company who ensures a quality cleaning and disinfecting service for you, doing best to make the place clean and safe for you.

It is high time to change your lifestyle and adapt to the safety precautions which you are reminded of time and again. The Bell Cleaning Company is doing its best with its cleaning partners to ensure that the people who trust in our service are provided the satisfactory and best cleaning and disinfecting service. We all know the bad condition of New York at present. We are doing our best to make New York a safer place and we want you to do the same.

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